BSVS is a non-profit, non-government organization working for the overall development of tribal youth in the District of Thane, Maharashtra. Poverty, illiteracy, indebtedness and malnourishment are the main concerns of the tribal people. BSVS believes that, the situation can be changed through systematic intervention and people can live their life with dignity.

 Our Approach: Bosco Samajik Vikas Sanstha follows right based approach to work among the tribal and rural people in Thane district. BSVS role is to help the poor overcome obstacles blocking their rights and give governments the tools and training to provide these rights.

 Our Efforts: BSVS works among the tribal in Jawhar and Mokhada Talukas of Thane district. BSVS has a big team with 70 staff to implement various social development measures and skill training activities in this area. Our efforts are briefed below

Vision: BSVS visualizes a society whereby  the youth is enabled to become self reliant and to lead their communities towards self development by promoting rights and working towards building an integral and eco friendly society.

 Mission : It organizes and enhances the potentials, capacities and skills of the youth through life-skill-education for their sustainable livelihood and the development of society.

BSVS encourages the youth for active involvement in local self governance and also supports the preservation of their culture and addresses the issues pertaining to environment through advocacy and networking. Thus, it promotes the values of justice, equality, unity, brotherhood, transparency and secularism.


  • Community Organization
  • Capacity building
  • Networking
  • Advocacy
  • Natural Resource Management
  • Resource Mobilization
  • Alliance building
  • Laisoning and building linkages


The primary role of BSVS would be one of a “Facilitator”. However it would continue to play other important roles such as;

  • Guide
  • Enabler
  • Coordinator
  • Friend
  • Trainer
  • Advocate
  • Communicator
  • Resource Mobilizer
  • Nodal Agency


  • To promote all round/comprehensive / holistic development of youth
  • To support youth in attaining all round development by initiating sustainable development activities
  • To make youth self-reliant through life skills education
  • To enable youth in working towards restoration and promotion of their own tribal culture
  • To strengthen the local self-governance system through active participation and leadership of youth
  • To promote the restoration and management of natural resources through active participation of youth
  • To empower the poor and marginalized by promoting their organization and through creation of necessary platforms
  • To promote capacity building of youth organizations and other related organizations working for youth development
  • To promote networks and alliances among youth organizations to address various issues of youth
  • To initiate advocacy campaigns on issues affecting youth and to undertake policy advocacy and lobbying at appropriate levels
  • To mobilize all kinds of resources for promoting youth development programmes at appropriate levels through active participation of youth
  • To build linkages and liaison with government and non-government organizations to promote youth development ventures