Children-Promotion of Education:

 BSVS activate the School Management Committees (SMC). This committee is responsible for planning and monitoring educational activities in the village. They are prepared to oversee the implementation of educational works in the villages. Create awareness on Child rights to children, parents, SMCs & Teachers. Children’s Panchayat will be promoted in all the villages. SMCs would oversee the functioning of Children Panchayat and Parliament.

Supportive Education Programme (SEP) for School-going Children from class 1 to 7 is conducted in each village.: A village youth appointed to conduct class for 2 hours for school going children in a suitable place before or after their school hours. He helps the children to complete their home work and also clarify their doubts on lessons taught in the school.                                                                                                                                         Special Coaching for SSC Students are conducted .children appearing for their SSC exams from this area are often not adequately prepared for them. In particular, they face difficulties in maths, science and English. They tutored in maths, science and English for two hours every day

 Women Empowerment:

 Self Help Groups:To increase unity, knowledge and income among the people especially the women, BSVS promotes Self Help Groups in all the villages. In each village 10 groups are formed. There are 300 groups promoted by BSVS in this area. Fortinightly meetings are condcuted for each group.

Knowledge :  In  the regular group meetings, we impart knowledge on leadership, negotiation skills, Gender sensitization, NREGA, Panchayatiraj, RTE, Government health systems,  role of women in society, politics, Government Programmes and schemes for tribals, etc. to increase their knowldge.

Income generation : Achievement motivation inputs,  entrepreneurship development , book keeping and accountancy and establishing bank linkages, etc ;  trainings provided to the members in the group meetings to start self employment and income generation activitaties to increase their income.


Gram Vikas Mandals: BSVS formed Gram Vikas Mandals (GVM.) comprising of the representatives of various existing cultural, recreational, religious and political groups in each village to direct the social development activities in their villages. Participatory Rural Appraisals (PRA) are conducted with the active participation of GVMs in all the  villages. Lead them into a process called Participatory strategy Planning (PSP) to build Perspective plans for their villages. Trainings on Panchayatiraj institutions, Gramsapha, BPL criteria, NREGA, Right to Education, Public distribution systems, Right to Information etc. were conducted for various groups by BSVS.


BSVS promotes farmers group in the tribal areas and motivates them to start second crops cultivation. In collaboration with the state agaricultural department  and agricultural training institutes, BSVS provides agricultural know-how and  technical information for the farmers. Horticulture, floriculture, Systme of rice intensification methods(SRI) introduced to the farmers for better income. Soil and water conservations measures are topics for discussion in the farmers meetings. BSVS is in the process of implementing such measures in this area. Alongwith it, animal husbandry alos will be introduced to the people.